7 Good reasons to have a Massage – No 2

Lets talk  Straight!…. Structural imbalances creep up on you, over time, without you even noticing.  So what’s a Structural Imbalance?   This is when your bones go out of alignment, which in turn causes a whole host of problems from the subtle, slight reduction in speed of nerve impulse transmission, to the excruciating pain of nerve impingement.  And what controls the position of your bones?  Your muscles! Fortunately, muscles you didn’t even know were tense can be easily loosened by Massage.  Physical tension is easiest explained by comparing your muscles to a suit of clothing covering your  body.  When we are stressed the suit shrinks, tightens, tears and distorts.  Even small movements that normally caused you no problem will cause your ‘suit’ to misalign and tear.  And if you have ever donned a pair of twisted nylon tights /jeggings, the wrong way round, you will know how weird that feels!  You will then wriggle and twist and shift your posture to find the most comfortable fit, this in turn will cause additional problems as other parts of you body compensate.  Massage therapy can cause your whole musculature to stretch and release.  Often, it is only when you are actually being massaged, you realise just how tight your body has become.  As your muscles release, your posture will re-balance and you can walk tall with your head held high once again!