A Big ‘Thank You’

Well. here we are in Threshfield, just on the Grassington border and the word is already starting to spread. Even in this idyllic place, people are sufferring the same 21st century ‘Wheel of Disorders’, Stress, Pain and Lack of Energy. As far as I know I am the only ‘No Hands’ Massage therapist here in the Yorkshire Dales and it is being well received already. But really I must shout out a special Big Thanks to all my very loyal clients who have continued to travel to see me. I am indeed very honoured and somewhat overwhelmed that out of my existing client base, only 2 were unable to follow me up into the Dales! I was expecting a short period of semi-retirement! What amazing and wonderful clients you all are and I applaud your commitment to looking after yourselves. On the ‘Distance Leader Board’ aka ‘Top Gear’ a client who still travels from Manchester (you know who you are, you are amazing!) and the quickest time from the roundabout at Keighley Cougar Park, 26 minutes, (you know who you are too and you are not to do that again!) Please, please do not try to beat that one. (there is no prize!)