What a Mess!

‘Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive’

Shortly (post May 1st 2011) it will be perfectly possible for you to obtain a cocktail of DRUGS from your GP and over the chemists counter in the UK.   But you will be prevented from taking a branded cocktail of herbs. The former is now known to be an increasing source of hospital admissions and even death. The latter is designed to kill most parasites or to clean your liver with minimal (if any) side-effects.

You will also still be allowed the freedom of choice to purchase cigarettes, known to damage your health and even potentially kill you. But you will not be allowed the freedom of choice to purchase a herb that might alleviate the symptoms of a common cold. This is the daft world of double standards to which the Health Authorities subject us all. Double standards that will actually result in the ruination of our health. Dr Chris Woollams Cancer Active.

The Emotional link to Pain

I happened across this interesting article by Mel from Natural Solutions Magazine, which struck a  cord, what do you think?  While most bodywork experts agree that tension and pain in the body are largely caused by how we move, or don’t move enough, throughout the day, a growing number of practitioners cite emotional stress as another factor. Deb Shapiro, author of Your Body Speaks Your Mind (Sounds True, May 2006), says that understanding how parts of the body connect to certain emotions can help us get in touch with neglected areas of our subconscious.

“And the great thing about that is tapping into the root of the problem on an emotional level can heal chronic pain,” she says.

Here’s what your tension spots could be telling about you.

The neck is a two-way communicator: You take in life-sustaining food, water, and air through the neck, and at the same time, emotions, feelings, and thoughts are expressed outwardly through your voice. Stiffness here can indicate resistance, usually to other ways of thinking.

This is where you carry the weight of your responsibilities, whether it’s work, family, or mortgage payments. Creative energy flows from here, moving into your arms and hands, where it emerges in what you do in the world. Tense shoulders can also indicate resistance, perhaps to the responsibilities you feel you must maintain, or pressure that’s put on you to perform.

Upper back
This area, the reverse side from the heart, is where you can store repressed anger, resentment, guilt, or shame.

Mid back
Your core allows you to bend and move, representing your ability to be psychologically and emotionally flexible. Stiffness in the mid back can reflect an inner stiffness, holding on to a fear, or inability to go with the flow.

Low back
This part of the body supports your weight from above, and it’s related to your notions of survival, security, and self-support. If you’re feeling insecure—or as though you’re unable to meet other people’s expectations—that pressure can manifest in the low back.

Although seemingly soft, the glutes are often the most tense and clenched muscles in the body. This area has to do with elimination and release, so control and power issues are often held here.

These muscles are connected to the knees—which we use to bow down to a higher being—and so tight hamstrings can often mean that a deeper level of surrender is needed. The thighs and hamstrings also hold on to past conflicts, such as traumatic childhood memories, anger, or resentment. This area is also closely associated with sexuality and intimacy.

Can you treat a Rotator Cuff injury with massage?

I was asked this question just the other day and thought I would share my observations on this.  The basic answer to this would usually be, yes!  This would definately depend on the skills, experience and training of the therapist in question.  They should have detailed muscular knowledge and some advanced massage skills and possibly sports massage.  A therapist with basic massage skills or one that is not solely dedicated to Massage Therapy would probably not be the best equipped to deal with this problem.  You should ask your therapist this question and hopefully receive more than a basic yes or no answer. Treatment should start the sooner the better, the 1st 48-72 hours is crucial to apply RICER, Rest Ice Compression Elevation and then Referral.  After the initial injury has been treated with RICER, as the shoulder is already an area of poor blood supply, initially follow with heat, by way of heat lamps or lotions and only then massage, which will start to increase blood supply, oxygen and nutrients to the area. Trigger points in the 4 rotator cuff muscles are usually to blame for lingering shoulder pain, even when the injury has healed and when surgery is done to remove  pain, trigger point massage is vital for eliminating residual pain. (2004, 87, Davies & Davies).

What to Buy for Valentines Day?

Having February the 14th so close to Christmas seems really unfair to desperate men trying to come up with an original present that won’t cause their loved one to take offence!  Lets face it, after Christmas clothes are difficult due to size and underwear for the same reason, just don’t go there!  A big box of chocolates, when your loved one is trying desperately to lose those extra pounds, will also go down like a lead balloon.  Believe me, I’ve been there!  So here’s my top 3.

1. Massage Treatment. Who doesn’t like to chill out and ease their muscular tension?  Even the Guys!  So, buy a Voucher and then they can decide which treatment to have and when to have it.  There is a Massage modality to suit all too, Remedial, Aromatherapy, Sports, Therapeutic, Clinical etc etc, its not just a ‘pamper’, actually I hate the word and it brings to my mind ‘namby pamby, fliffy, flaffy’ and I have had a few of those massage in my time!  Unthinkable to me, but still a lot of people think Massage is a bit of an indulgence and probably feel guilty booking themselves in, so again, a Voucher is ideal.  And… you get thanked twice, once on receipt of the voucher and then again when they have the treatment, so Maximum 10 Brownie Points!  And Guys…. as you can buy them online, you don’t even have to go to the shops. Yippee!!  Go collect 10 Brownie Points!

2. Arrange babysitting:   Obviously best if you have children!  Babysitting is often expensive and difficult to arrange.  Still, a top scorer in the ‘Brownie Points’ stakes and shows you care and still want to go out with your special person.   Worth a least 5 Brownie Points!

3. Perfume: Not the most original, but perfume is expensive and come on lets face it,  it’s always a disappointment having to buy your own!  Earn yourself 3 Brownie Points. (But you will still have to go to the shops, sorry!!)
Good Luck and Happy Valentines! 🙂

Detox Clinic Save £50!

Save £50.00! Januarys’ Colon Detox Massage Clinic. 4 for the price of 3.  Yes! – The Colon is a muscular organ! It needs muscular action Peristalsis (thats’ one for the pub quiz!)  to keep squeezing our waste through it or we’ll become full of you know what!   Deep and powerful, No Hands ® Massage Reflex Treatment combined with No Hands ® Colon Massage.  Stimulate your body’s  natural ability to de-toxify and cleanse itself.  Particulary good after Christmas and New Year ‘over-indulgences’ or any time you need a good clear out!  Call today 07947 609283 to book, limited availablility.

Take a break and s-t-r-e-t-c-h

Office worker?  Sitting at a desk for long periods can take its toll on your body.  Professional Bodyworkers know this restricts your natural movement in the lower back, hips, backs of thighs and calves which can prevent your energy from flowing freely around your body. Re-energise these areas by taking regular breaks to stretch your legs..and shoulders… and neck…and just about everywhere else!

7 Good Reasons to have a Massage – No 7

Last but very not least! – There is another reason to have a Massage that goes even deeper than the rest.  Being touched is about getting support.  Support that we all need on the difficult journey we call life.  No matter how you look at it, being human is tough.  We all make mistakes, have arguments, get upset, struggle.  There is something intrinsically painful about the human condition.  Massage can help to soothe that journey.  Every Human Body needs and deserves the support that Massage can provide on lifes’  journey.  So you see, it’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity!

7 Good Reasons to have a Massage – No 6

Time to Detoxify.  There is nothing which can stimulate a de-tox like a powerful Massage, period!  This could include some deep work on the colon as well as lots of vigorous work on the muscles.  Sometimes we just need a good old cleansing.  Massage literally squashes all the cells in your body and stimulates the release of toxins.  These travel out of the cells and into the major circulation systems of body ready for elimination.  You know when this is happening  because your blood gets temporarily toxic and as it passes through subtle areas of your brain and you may experience a headache.  What and this is a good thing?!? Yes, it’s a sign the treatment was powerful.  Rest and drink lots of water to facilitate this process, it will pass!

7 Good Reasons to have a Massage – No 5

Recharge your Batteries – Your body is Homeostatic!  In other words, it constantly seeks to re-balance itself.  Sometimes you may need the gentle still touch of Massage that enables your body to remember its self- healing abilities.  We all get depleted from time to time and Massage puts us back into self-healing mode.  It is amazing how much is being put right inside your body, right now as you read this, without you even knowing or feeling a thing!  The immune system is at the heart of all good and bad health, Massage sends a signal deep into the immune system which reminds it to ‘activate’.  There is an amazing array of functions and connections going on all the time in your body, Massage can re-ignite the flame within.