Who remembers Lard?

Who remembers this lovely stuff?  When I first met my husband in 1995, I was horrified that he was still frying in Lard!   He still owned a chip pan, filled to the brim with this solid white stuff!   I didn’t even know you could still buy it.  I did know, as I’d been told by many an expert, that it made you fat, clogged your arteries, caused high cholestrol, strokes, heart attacks, you name it is was BAD STUFF!  I mean come on, we had sunflower, olive, rapeseed, corn, sunflower, safflower, every loving looking and sounding oil you could name and oh yes, Ovenchips!  They were the best thing since sliced bread and low-calorie!   Lard unfortunately, along with Coconut and many other incorrectly classified ‘unhealthy fats’ were demonised by the Diet Industry.  Everyone, including me believed them.  Well, almost everyone, except my Jonathan, who as skinny as a chip, had never had a weight problem, never been to or even heard of Weight Watchers, although he lived off mega lard fried breakfasts, home made cakes and desserts baked by his Mum and delivered almost daily and had to have Lard Fried Chips with everything.    In the 1940s and 50s virtually every household cooked with Lard and there was no obesity epidemic then! So what happened? Read here