Susan J – Keighley. “I’ve had problems with my Jaw, neck pain, blocked ears and constant headaches since a bad car crash 14 years ago. My sister, who sees Jayne, told me about this new Jaw Treatment.

I’d no idea what this was, but I had a Zoom call with Jayne, who explained it and how it worked. I was a bit anxious, about having the inside of my mouth done, Jayne said I didn’t have to, but after the 1st treatment I did and I could feel my jaw relaxing within a couple of minutes.

I’ve only had 1 headache since the 1st treatment, my Jaw pain is not constant and my hearing is starting to improve.

Thank you so much xx

John Rudden, The Grassington House Hotel, I have never been to (or had) any massage treatment before, but I can honestly say Jayne has helped me drastically transform and inform me on my well being. From my general stance to simple exercises, her professional and informatively friendly advice has help maintain my daily activities of life.   I could hardly walk, sit etc.,  Jayne helped me recover so quickly. A big thank you Jayne.

Heidi Marfitt, Professional Photographer, I had my first treatment with Jayne a couple of years ago now, and have to admit I was a little sceptical as to the benefits of “No Hands Massage”. As my job involves carrying heavy equipment and then spending hours at a time sat editing, I needed a deep tissue massage to release knots and tight muscles and wasn’t convinced this could be done with “No Hands”?

After the initial consultation it was only a matter of minutes before i realised how wrong i was. This treatment was EXACTLY what I needed! Jaynes years of experience and her walls full of qualifications in all kinds of holistic treatments combine to give you an almost magical journey of healing, for your body and mind! There are moments of jaw clenching as she works through the knots and releases the tension in the tight muscles, this is absolutely your call as to how deep you want/need the pressure to be. As Jayne knows every single muscle in the body, she doesn’t leave any stone/bone unturned, and it really is a complete, full body, heavenly treatment which has to be experienced to be believed.

I have had many massages and treatments over the years but nothing can be compared to the magical touch of “No Hands”, I came away on a little fluffy cloud feeling free of all my knots and tension. I have no hesitations what-so-ever in recommending Jayne (also know as the local miracle worker!).

Simon Harris, Sutton, Company Director. I started with Jayne this year as I have suffered with a bad back for a number of years. Like most people, the back-pain comes and goes until this year where mine persisted. I had been treated by an osteopath prior to Jayne, who targeted one area only and whilst giving relief on the day, the pain returned very soon. Right from the very first appointment Jayne offers a very professional approach to the specific problem. With an in depth talk about the problem, lifestyle and daily routines that could be related, no stone is left unturned. The treatment then begins by not just working on the areas of pain, but all the associated areas that you would never realise could affect your back. My back is majorly improved within a few visits, along with Jayne’s advice on daily routines that I can easily do at home. I can thoroughly recommend Jayne and Touched Therapies for anyone suffering from any sort of back-pain. Book in now, just think of the relief!

Helen Barugh, Mum of 2, Grassington! When I first went to see Jayne, I was suffering from severe migraines which were occurring at about 4 times a week and they were seriously affecting my day to day life. Jayne was able to pinpoint the problem easily and worked on my neck and shoulders to alleviate the tension in these areas. This was last October and since this session I have not had another migraine. I now see Jayne regularly every six weeks which keeps on top of the migraine problem, but she also sorts out any other aches and pains I may get along the way. I look forward to the massage sessions now and couldn’t do without them. Jayne is always very friendly and gives lots of good advice. I would highly recommend Jayne to everyone.

Angela Riches, Editor, Here & Now Magazine, Both my husband and I suffer from back pain…me through stress, driving and PC work which culminates primarily in my shoulders and neck, sometimes to the extent that I can’t move my head or sleep soundly. My husband has a seriously bad back which is the result of years playing rugby, plus a couple of accidents thrown into the mix! We both struggled to find someone who understood our problems, realising that a relaxation massage might send us to sleep during the treatment, but would offer no long term relief from our pain. Then we heard about Jayne Harris (Driver), who performs a ‘No Hands ’Massage. We had absolutely no idea what this meant but were impressed by how highly recommended she came from people we knew. It was worth a try and we booked in to see Jayne for a consultation.

Jayne’s professionalism starts the moment you call for an appointment, she is straight talking, thorough and extremely knowledgeable and no treatment starts without a full consultation on your current and past medical history, lifestyle and details of the problems being experienced. Jayne then goes on to explain that in a ‘No Hands’ Massage, she (mainly) uses her arms, elbows and body weight to locate and treat problem areas. Sounded strange but we were willing to give it a try .Oh my goodness! Why did it take us so long to hear about Jayne? In one treatment she managed to give my husband more mobility and pain relief than he has had in years and she unlocked my shoulders and neck so that we both had our best nights sleep in ages.

Needless to say we are both converts and now visit Jayne on a regular basis. ‘No Hands’ Massage, I now know, is one of the most powerful and effective ways to release all of the tension from your spine, hips and neck and through our own personal experience I can tell you it definitely works!

The massage itself takes a little getting used to, especially as body weight is used, however, this seems to be the key to its success. How does it work? The only real way to know and understand and feel the benefits is to feel it for yourself. I could talk and talk and try to explain, however nothing will explain better or convince you more than you experiencing this wonderful therapy personally. I can guarantee it won’t be your last!

Susan Eley, Systems Manager, Colne. List of problems seemed endless, basically neck pains and migraines have now gone and other ailments relieved by treatments. Feel more relaxed in general with life and work. Each treatment leaves me ‘floating’ and so relaxed, I now sleep too well!

Mrs. J. Emmot, Keighley. I first visited Jayne because I had two very painful toes (Mortens Toe) on my left foot. During the first few sessions of Reflexology my toes remained very painful, but gradually over a few months of regular visits the toes became numb and are now back to normal with no pain whatsoever.

I put the improvement in my toes down to the Reflexology sessions and would recommend this treatment for anyone suffering problems with their feet. The treatments are relaxing and beneficial

Carly Jones. Thanks for a wonderfully relaxing experience, I have never felt so relaxed in all my life and can’t wait ‘til next week!

Mrs. B Starr. My only complaint was that an hour went past far too quick!

Liz Ashworth. Tight shoulders were tense. Now feel Fab. Brilliant!

HB. Excellent, this type of massage. It was an experience I have never had before. Body is now awakened..

Michelle Gibson. Very relaxed – Thank You..

Miss. H Keighley, Bingley. Very good, felt relaxed after massage. Slept really well, felt good next morning..

Mrs. M Drew, Keighley. Excellent, pleasant and relaxing surroundings. Sympathetic but professional treatment.

Lynn Beckwith, Burnsall, Skipton. I have been coming to see Jayne Driver for nearly 2 years, after falling and  damaged my shoulder and arm.  I also damaged my ankle 6 yrs ago and causes me to limp. Jayne has found aches and pains which I had lived with for many years and they have improved so much.  Jayne has made my life so much easier and I always feel so much better after my treatment.

Angela Marfitt,  Retired, Threshfield. I only have the highest regard for Jayne. Through her exceptional treatments and knowledge, I am now relieved of symptoms which I have ‘lived with’ for many years.

I had Menieres Disease which left me with a constant ‘pressure’ in my head, deafness in my left ear & ‘muffled’ hearing. Often resorting to lip reading. Jayne has given me no less than 100%+ on every treatment.

My life now has changed dramatically. The pressure in my head has completely gone along with the muffled sounds. I have regained my hearing ‘clarity’ and could never thank Jayne enough.

Diane Lowe, Grassington Lodge, I was recommended by a friend to consult Jayne Driver after suffering for some time with discomfort in muscles and joints in my legs. I had never been a great believer in massage being a cure for aches and pains, thinking of it as more of a luxury than a therapy! Jayne completely alleviated the problems after 4 or 5 sessions but I am now committed to the idea of having regular sessions to ensure that the debilitating discomfort I was previously experiencing does not return. I am much more informed now on how beneficial deep massage can be and have already started sending family members for sessions.

Sue Rudden, The Grassington House Hotel, WOW what can I say, Jayne managed to get to the damaged tissue and fixed me in no time. It wasn’t just the massage, it was the professional consultation I received, full of advice and guidance that filled me full of confidence that the problem I’d had for many months could be resolved. The fact that Jayne came to my house was a testament to her commitment to her profession.

Mandy Beckwith, Graphic Designer, Burnsall.  I have been a client of Jayne’s for over two years and as a graphic designer, I spend a lot of my job sat in front of a computer screen which means that I get a lot of tension in my shoulders and back due to being in a seated hunched position. I also do a lot of Filipino Martial Arts which builds tension in the same areas. I had been suffering from recurring shoulder and neck pain for a while and upon visiting Jayne it became apparent how bad my muscle tension was. Jayne’s techniques no hands techniques have considerably reduced the muscle knotting and the level of comfort I now have has increased exponentially.

I cannot rate Jayne her highly enough for everything she has done for me.

Sarah Smith, East Morton. Really super relaxing. No worries or concerns during the massage and I was made to feel very welcome….

Kara Woodhouse-Kent,Bingley. I was having trouble with my back and hips. It felt like I had “rocks” in my lower back when I moved around. After a few sessions with Jayne my back and hips felt great. Jayne also educated me as to what was causing my back problems. I also had a sports injury. After a few intense massage courses and regular visits I am able to sustain a normal work out.

Thanks to Jayne I feel like I am in my 30’s again (not my 90’s).

John Walllwark, Baildon. I have been seeing Jayne since 2007 when I first came in with a chronic bad back. I had been to various Chiropractor’s, Osteopaths , Physio’s and had just ended up on prescribed pain killers. After my first treatment, I slept through the night for the first time in over 2 years. I think I only had about 3 or 4 treatments before my back was better, was back at work and had started running again. I continued with regular sessions every month and any minor aches and pains that would creep up, Jayne would sort out before they became a problem. When Jayne moved to Grassington last year I thought I could probably now live without her, save a bit of time and money. I had tried another couple of therapists and physios in between time, but none could get to the route of the problem like Jayne did. My back pains started to reappear and within 8 months I was almost back to square one. I have now returned to regular monthly treatments with Jayne, despite the traveling time etc., for me it is time and money well spent. Within a couple of treatments, my back pains had gone. Jayne has a great way of explaining things and uses some great analogies, rather than the usual medical speak which goes completely over my head. What Jayne does is certainly different, but it works for me and I have no problem in recommending her.

Sue Mattiocco, Driving Instructor, Eldwick. I’d never had a massage before and found it really enjoyable. I was feeling quite tired beforehand, probably more mentally than physically. Afterwards I felt very relaxed but much more alert and able to cope with the days’ stresses!

My back stopped hurting late evening. ps. My Pupil said I smelled nice!!

Margaret Boyd, Health Food Store Manager, Keighley. ]As a sufferer for 15 years of osteoarthritis with hypermobile joints and associated conditions, I have found combining regular Reflexology and No Hands Massage has greatly improved my aches, pains, inflammation and spinal mis-alignment problems. Several years of Chiropractic treatment, although beneficial, did not provide such effective overall health maintenance. I am happy to report I have not suffered from my usual episodes of twisted vertebrae or pelvis, which used to be a common occurrence, prior to starting these treatments. Other areas of concern have been highlighted during the sessions and been effectively dealt with including an ongoing sinus problem. As manager of a busy health food store, I have since recommended the clinic to several of my customers, family members, and friends, all of whom have experienced relief, as a result. The clinic is professionally run, client record history is thorough and the treatments performed are well executed, showing an extensive knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

Audrey Simpson, Keighley. I began treatments with Jayne in October 2005. I visit 4 weekly and really look forward to my treatments. being a busy person and always in a rush, I find it so restful and relaxing. In November 2006 my back developed problems and Jayne is currently working on that area, the condition is now less frequent. Jayne often recommends certain treatments types for particular ailments and I find her knowledgeable and helpful.

I heartily recommend Jayne for all ages.

Maxine Drew, Keighley. Having suffered a severe fractured ankle 25 years ago, requiring a steel pin, the advancing years have also brought arthritis which was severely incapacitating walking. Reflexology has certainly improved flexibility and movement and I find walking up and down stairs, whilst still slow, is not as painful.

I feel relaxed and refreshed following (a) treatment.

Sharon Dunwoodie. Excellent – (Full Body Massage) worth it for the neck/shoulder massage alone!

R Kernahan. Absolutely at peace with myself..

K Wilkinson. More relaxed and balanced. Thanks!

Katie Stewart. Amazing! Back feels as good as new and I’m very relaxed.

Karl Helliwell, Web & Graphic Designer, I have been visiting frequently for the last 4-5 years. Jayne plays a big part in my understanding of the complexities of the human body, whether I have been mountain biking or riding motorcycle trials, Jayne is always on hand to discuss certain aches and pains I may get from putting stress on different areas of my body, Jayne will then recommend a treatment. Other times,. I like to go just to relax and zone out! this is absolutely perfect and I could not recommend enough.

Thank you for sponsoring my Tough Mudder team! your knowledge and support means a great deal.

Jo Haig, Conistone. I have had chronic problems for many years with stiffness and tension in my neck & shoulders. Apart from being generally uncomfortable, this also adversely affected my sleep. Over the years I have been treated by a number of masseurs, plus the odd osteopath/Alexander practitioner, with little or no success.

A friend recommended Jayne Driver, who instantly honed in on the problem areas. After the first two or three sessions I saw a big difference. While the problem still recurs, it is now less acute and I am certainly sleeping much better. I now see Jayne every couple of weeks as part of an ongoing maintenance regime.

Jayne has also made me more aware of the importance of good hydration in maintaining a healthy body and she keeps me on my toes in this respect, as I know she can tell straight away when I’ve not been drinking enough fluid.

Jayne has focused on my individual problem and helped me start to identify and address the causes (self-inflicted!) rather that just treat my symptoms. She is also local, which for me avoids a long drive to and from appointments. Jayne is a lovely, friendly and extremely professional person and I would certainly recommend her”.

Sarah Wilkinson, Addingham. I first came to Jayne through my love of No Hands massage and searching for a ‘suitable’ therapist. I was living in Halifax at the time and so used to make the 60 min journey each way for my treatment, but boy was it worth it!

I suffer with upper back, neck and shoulder tension, along with other aches and pains and as soon as i get on the couch at Jayne’s clinic, I am ready to experience her skills. The treatment helps me to relax both mentally and physically and boy does it work on my tension. The best way to describe it is it’s like being gently steam rollered, in a pleasure able way, where I am in full control if the depth and pressure, absolute bliss. It must be I have been attending treatments once a month for 2 years!

Dave Dixon, Fire Fighter and Fell Runner, Threshfield. As a result of running on the fells, up to 30 miles per week, I started to suffer from Aches and Strains to my IT Band, Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes and Groin, in fact just about most places have had a bashing!

Jayne’s’ knowledge and effective treatments have not only kept me running but I believe have made me stronger.

First Place in the 2011 Lake District Mountain Trial Short Course is proof of that!

Hilary Temple, Eldwick, Bingley. Before my first treatment I had severe neck/shoulder pain and had very little flexibility in these areas. The Massage treatment immediately resulted in a reduction of the tension and inflexibility in those areas and consequently a reduction in pain. The following sessions have all continued to improve the situation hugely. The massage session is a complete mental and physical ‘tonic’, a release from stress both mental and physical, the ambiance of calm established by (Jayne’s) ‘ instructions’ to clear your mind and focus internally, create a haven of relaxation. I find that the regular massage sessions reinforce the improvement, acting as a mental reminder to relax, focus on breathing etc., on a daily basis. Occasionally the pressure points of the massage can be painful, but this in itself relieves the pressure point – a tolerable sensation! Always resulting in improvement.

Anna Stewart, Keighley. I have been having massage treatments by Jayne for 12 months, having first met at a charity event she was helping at in July 2009. Jayne is very talented and is without a doubt the best masseur I have been to. She manages to combine ultimate professionalism with genuine friendliness very well.

The treatments themselves have always been effective, whether that is hard work on ‘pressure points’ or sheer relaxation in a reflexology session.

I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Giles Hinchcliffe, Advanced No Hands® Massage Therapist – Mastery Trained, Leeds. I have trained extensively with No Hands Massage for ten years and can tell you that from my own (No Hands®) hands on experience that Jayne is an excellent therapist.

She has the skills and experience to deal with all situations. If you need repairing, she can re-balance your body and help you recover. If you need an energy boost, she can provide that too. Maybe you just want to relax and connect with wherever you want to go. Jayne can help you do that too.

I see her regularly for all those treatments as part of my regular massage maintenance.

I always leave feeling energised, happier, refreshed and younger.

Toby Williams, Professional Rugby Player, Skipton. A combination of hard training and insufficient rest had left me with an aching back, painful calves, hamstrings, quads and glutes.

I was initially a bit sceptical about the benefits of massage therapy, however, Jayne continued to badger me and I reluctantly went along. I am now converted! Thanks to Jayne’s expertise and regular massage treatments she has helped to release and relax my muscles further than you could ever possibly do with stretching routines alone. She is very professional and her sense of humour in acutely painful situations is always appreciated!

She has managed to keep me on the pitch so far this season and has made it possible for me to play without worrying about the physical aspect of my game. After a massage treatment there is immediate relief from soreness and inflammation and the next day I am able to train without any tired or aching muscles.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Jayne’s ‘Rub Down’ to any serious sports minded person or to anyone else who would benefit from a really good professional massage.

Mr. S Walmsley, Fleet Manager, Sutton. I had been suffering with back ache for about 4 years. I had no high hopes or idea what I was letting myself get into and thought a Massage might help my stress-head anyway. I don’t really know how to describe what Jayne does, but it’s like a having all the air squashed out of you in a big hug with Baloo the bear! At one point I was sure that this slip of a girl must have exchanged places with Giant Haystacks!

2 days after my 1st massage I went to bed with no pain killers and was shocked to be woken by my alarm clock, rather than pain for the 1st time in 4 years!

KB. It’s like a veil has lifted and I can now see how blue the sky is and how green the grass is and I can’t remember seeing those bright colours in such a long time.

D. Harding. Great! Really enjoyed.

Adrienne Cross. Could be improved, by the half hour lasting for 2 hours!

Helen Lynch. Feel very relaxed and much brighter.

S Gibson. Great! Happy + relaxed!