H’, H’, Hay Fever?

Sick and tired of sneezing, itchy eyes and a runny nose?

Allergic reactions to pollen are the identified cause of these symptoms, and you can take drugs to help. However, if you prefer to reduce your dependence on drugs, here are just some natural alternatives that may be worth considering.

1. Reflexology Hay Fever Clinic with Touched Therapies  Starting  early-mid February.

2. Forever Aloe Vera Gel Drink, a natural anti-inflammatory action and, unlike steroids has no side effects.  It also has an antimicrobial actions and helps better absorption of vitamins and boosts energy levels. It is a natural cleanser and anaesthetic and antipruritic, which reduces itching and burning (also good for insets bites and stings!)

3. Hay fever is high in cities compared to rural areas, possible due to pollution.  Take a good antioxidant supplement . In addition take 1-3g good quality Vitamin C, a natural anti-histamine and immune function booster. Try Forever Pomesteen Power and Forever Absorbent-C.

4. Smear Forever Aloe Lips Gel inside your nose (doesn’t sound very nice, I know) stops pollen and spores reaching the nasal lining.

5. Eat local honey with added pollen, made within a 20-mile radius of where you live at least 1 teaspoon a day. It’s reported to have a beneficial effect on Hay fever sufferers. Touched Therapies recommends Denholme Gates’ Yorkshire Honey with Pollen

Good Luck! 🙂