Kids 5 A Day – Simples!

Struggling to get your kids to eat their 5 a day?  Me too!  Even with all my best attempts at hiding and bribing, yes, even all my attempts at Earth Motherliness have failed!   With the best will in the world and a good diet, including plenty fresh fruit of veg,  our diet  is now lacking  nutritional value. Due to aggressive food production methods, the current yields of fruit, vegetables and grains, no longer contain enough of certain needed minerals. Vitamins without minerals are useless to the human body. .  So what do I do?  Supplement!    This then caused an additional battle with the Kids, as not only do I still try to encourage a healthy diet, when looking at the list supplements needed, was also trying to get my 2 kids to take about 5-6 tablets a day!  Now, I have my own brand of supplements, so my expense and inconvenience was not as great as some other Mums, but, of course, the majority stayed on the dining table, or I found them hidden at the back of the settee, in drawers and my suspicions were raised when our mongrel Dog developed a fantastic shiny coat, the wettest nose and brightest eyes!    Then a  good friend of mine Neil Asher, who was starting to have the same concerns over his daughter Isabellas’ diet (that’s her on the font of the pack), took the bull by the horns and decided to come up with mix that would solve his problem and in doing so has developed  a fantastic way that will help us all.   Kidz 5 A Day, does exactly what it say on the the tin!  Mix it up with a banana and milk, add a bit of honey to sweeten, sprinkle a tad of chocolate dusting powder on the top, (the stuff that comes with the sachets of  Cappuccino, that I will not throw away and have cupboards full of!),  To coin a phrase – My Kids 5 a day, Done!  (btw, Neil used to work with Gordon Ramsay so he certainly knows his foody stuff, but  probably wouldn’t dare nick Gordons’ phrase!) My Kids love it so much, they fight over whose turn it is to make it!!   PS.  Neil has given me a special link for you to try this for free (well ok, £2 postage!)  I’m not sure how long this will last so go get it here Kidz 5 A Day.