Muscle is an Orphan Organ!

MUSCLE is an orphan organ! No medical speciality has adopted it. No medical speciality is funding research into it and the daily aches and pains associated with it. And yet thousands upon thousands of people are suffering unnecessarily and in the western world, taking prescription and over the counter painkillers/drugs to manage their pain and are getting hooked on them! Medical students rarely receive training in location of and treatment of myofascial trigger points. Fortunately some truly professional and solely dedicated massage therapists are sufficiently trained in how to find and treat myofascial/pain/trigger points skilfully. Professionally qualified and medically insured Massage Therapists know, that myofascial trigger points are at the root of most common cause of musculoskeletal pain. And, as much as I will always be open minded, believe in and have practiced other ‘complementary’ methods, from the hundreds of clients that have passed through my clinic I can confidently say that, no amount of positive thinking, stretching, meditation, hot/cold therapy, electrical stimulation, reiki, hopi ear candling (random!) crystal therapy, wafting a feather over it, biofeedback, progressive relaxation, butterfly wing, colour and regressional hypnotherapy, shiatsu, craniosacral, swedish massage, acupressure and even deep tissue massage just doesn’t do it where trigger points are concerned! (Travell & Simmons 1999, Clair Davies 2004, Jayne Driver 2010)

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