7 Good reasons to have a Massage – No 4

Let your Energy Flow.  Oriental images of acupuncture meridians are now (at long last!) being confirmed by modern scientific instrumentation.    Blockages in these meridians (channels) can develop into future illness.  Just like a mountain glacier flushing away rocks and debris in a spring melt, massage is ideal for releasing blocked energy anywhere in your body.  Being smoothed over and ‘steamrollered’ by a powerful No Hands®  massage can get your energy flowing once again.    The amazing flowing touch which comes from No Hands®  massage allows all the energy channels to move and circulate once again.  You can walk tall through the day feeling the energy in your whole body literally vibrate.  That’s what feeling fully alive is, as opposed to feeling like a member of the living dead!

Food Sensitivity Testing Here!

Certain foods, e-numbers and additives could be causing you ill-health!

Bloated Tummy, Joint Pains, Headaches, Skin Problems, Sinus Problems, Gout, Weight Problems, Constipation, Tiredness, Itching, Fluid Retention and many more?

We offer a simple non-invasive test for 90+ food items and e-numbers and also check for deficiencies in vitamins and minerals.  You receive a full written report to take home with you, with full advice, food alternatives and your individual vitamin and mineral requirements.

Adults £45 Children up to 16 £35