What’s the best type of Massage?

To tell you the truth it  ‘aint what you do, it’s the way that you do it’,   It is important to ask your therapist  if they can combine different treatment approaches for different clients, or the same client at different points in their pain cycle or are they just a one trick pony?   Sometimes you need deep therapeutic work and other times very light touch. I know as a client myself that I need something different every treatment I have. (Which is every 2 weeks, by the way!)  More importantly I think,  is to ask,  how often does your Therapist have a treatment?  I am constantly amazed, certainly here in the UK,  when asking that question, that the therapist often admits to ‘not as often as they would like’ to ‘never’!  So if they never feel it, how can they have any idea how you feel on that table or how good this stuff is?  Come on, do you ever see a hairdresser with a birds-nest hairdo, beautician with bad skin, or a nail technician with chipped nails?  This is serious stuff, so please leave Massage Therapy to those few serious solely dedicated professionals, who can bring it the professional courtesy it so obviously deserves.

7 Good reasons to have a Massage – No 3

Happy Mind..Happy Body. Ever heard of  this old Chinese proverb?  Or Mind over Matter?  Unfortunately, with today’s hectic lifestyles much illness and unhappiness originates from a disconnection between mind and body.  GP’s are reporting  almost 80% of most illnesses presented to them are potentially stress related.  ‘Stress’ being a modern term that we in the Western world are only just starting to understand or even accept.   Touch is simply the most powerful way to reconnect with the deep self healing potential inside each and every one of us.  It is primordial and the most natural instinct in the world to both provide and receive comfort.   What’s the 1st thing you do when you see your child fall over?  Give them a cuddle and rub it better, or leave her and run inside for the Calpol?  Your body is continually, secretly and quietly going about its healing duties every minute of the day, fighting viral attack, repairing skin and rebuilding  tissue, disposing of toxins all to the very best of its capabilities.   No Hands® Massage  therapy is unique in its approach, to not only release muscular tension but also places an emphasis in reconnecting the mind and body in a very subtle and unobtrusive way.  Massage will help re-open the dialogue between our minds and body and help us learn to trust and follow our ‘gut’ instincts in all areas of our life.  Once re-connected with your inner body wisdom, a wisdom we all have, means sometimes knowing when to stop and take a short break, or just count to ten and breathe, or simply keeping your head whilst all about are loosing theirs!

7 Good reasons to have a Massage – No 1!

It is the oldest medicine… . Touch is probably the oldest and most natural medicine known to man and Massage is definitely the oldest natural therapy on this planet!  Delivered by a professional and solely dedicated therapist, it employs no potions or gimmicks.  Deep, sustained touch can transform both acute and chronic conditions alike and lets face it, makes you feel a darn lot better too!   Much of the content of this series is from an article by Gerry Pyves titled “Seven good reasons to have a massage” www.nohandsmassage.com.