What to Buy for Valentines Day?

Having February the 14th so close to Christmas seems really unfair to desperate men trying to come up with an original present that won’t cause their loved one to take offence!  Lets face it, after Christmas clothes are difficult due to size and underwear for the same reason, just don’t go there!  A big box of chocolates, when your loved one is trying desperately to lose those extra pounds, will also go down like a lead balloon.  Believe me, I’ve been there!  So here’s my top 3.

1. Massage Treatment. Who doesn’t like to chill out and ease their muscular tension?  Even the Guys!  So, buy a Voucher and then they can decide which treatment to have and when to have it.  There is a Massage modality to suit all too, Remedial, Aromatherapy, Sports, Therapeutic, Clinical etc etc, its not just a ‘pamper’, actually I hate the word and it brings to my mind ‘namby pamby, fliffy, flaffy’ and I have had a few of those massage in my time!  Unthinkable to me, but still a lot of people think Massage is a bit of an indulgence and probably feel guilty booking themselves in, so again, a Voucher is ideal.  And… you get thanked twice, once on receipt of the voucher and then again when they have the treatment, so Maximum 10 Brownie Points!  And Guys…. as you can buy them online, you don’t even have to go to the shops. Yippee!!  Go collect 10 Brownie Points!

2. Arrange babysitting:   Obviously best if you have children!  Babysitting is often expensive and difficult to arrange.  Still, a top scorer in the ‘Brownie Points’ stakes and shows you care and still want to go out with your special person.   Worth a least 5 Brownie Points!

3. Perfume: Not the most original, but perfume is expensive and come on lets face it,  it’s always a disappointment having to buy your own!  Earn yourself 3 Brownie Points. (But you will still have to go to the shops, sorry!!)
Good Luck and Happy Valentines! 🙂