Try Standing on 1 Leg!

Standing on one leg could help you live longer! Good balance could stop you from falling and breaking a bone.  Practise standing on one leg while you clean your teeth and balancing on your tiptoes with your eyes closed. Go on give it a try you may be surprised how sturdy, or wobbly you are!

How Does Posture Affect Us?

Posture affects us physically and mentally, so can it alter our emotions?

Have you noticed your posture when you feel upset or in pain? How is that different from when you feel confident or powerful? 1 in 5 people think poor posture demonstrates a lack in confidence (BCA, 2009). So when feeling down… chin up!

A change in your structure can alter your mood and mindset. Posture is changeable. Things we do on a daily basis affect our spinal structure. Our thoughts and behaviour support our posture, so be aware of your actions, pay attention and create change.

Become smarter, more attractive, more focused and confident – just by sitting up straight!